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English Reviews · 17. April 2024
Someone you can build a nest in by John Wiswell
A great story about monsters, humans and family - with a great non-human perspective. Shesheshen (the narrating monster) is just great!
English Reviews · 22. März 2024
The year without sunshine written by Naomi Kritzer in the Uncanny 56
A wonderful one-hour-read. Just heartwarming, full of authentic details. Every figure seems to live "for real". I can see the movie in my head. Thanks! Nebula Award finalist for Best Novelette!
English Reviews · 06. März 2024
Podcast with author Angela Liu
We talked to author Angela Liu at the beginning of march and highly recommend to listen to what Angela has to say about writing and publishing phantastic prose in the USA
English Reviews · 30. Januar 2024
A Feast for Flies - written by Leigh Harlen
A short novel with much suspense and great characters (and a great dog), plus some very bad antagonists.
English Reviews · 26. Januar 2024
A traveller in Time: The critical Practice of Maureen Kincaid Speller edited by Nina Allan
A book about reviews and science fiction essays? I am all-in!
English Reviews · 08. Januar 2024
Tia Tashiro: To carry you inside you (Clarkesworld 206)
That's one of the best stories I found in the Clarkeswold and I usually find a lot good stories in that magazine!
English Reviews · 27. November 2023
OkPsyche written by Anya Johanna DeNiro
The journey of a trans woman while transforming ... sometimes accompanied by people or voices that are not really there
English Reviews · 05. November 2023
Short Review: Darkmatter Magazine 017
Sometimes I read Horror. And I found at least three really good Horror storys in here - and one that's more or less Science Fiction.
English Reviews · 27. Juni 2023
The Spare Man by Mary Robinette Kowal
A space SF mystery I enjoyed a lot! The main figure has chronic pains and is newly and very happily wed - but the problems do not wait many pages to get them.
English Reviews · 21. Juni 2023
Uncanny presents its 50th issue - extra thick and extra good My thoughts about this issue.

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